Tyl Runner is Tyl GUI for running Tyl executable programs, when they are run in the foreground.
Tyl Runner design and behavior are similar to Tyl Launcher window, and its main purpose is to be an interactive window for viewing program execution results.

Here is a Tyl Runner window that shows program running activity:

Tyl Runner Buttons
runs the program again, or resumes program running after it was paused
pauses program execution until it is run or stopped
stops program execution

runner takes its title from the application name, so the programmer can give it any title by creating a program with appropriate name. It has three program running management buttons. On program run, the program starts its run stage and the user interaction is done in the main window of runner, which is the same run box as in launcher, including the ability to show runtime errors. While running, run button is off, and pause and stop are on, thus enabling the user to control program flow and even stop execution.

There are also implementations that can benefit from this run, pause and stop mechanism. For ex. if you want to track changes in a file, you can create a file opener program and run it each time you want to see the current file content. Another example is to see results of mathematical calculation and pause or stop the program if the result does not seem to converge to a stable value.

Tyl does not have yet a windowing support, and runner is as close as possible at the moment to a user interface window, but it's sure to be in a future version.