.NET Framework Installation
Tyl Softawre is based on the .NET Framework. Typically Windows systems come with it, but if you don't have it, install .NET Framework from here.
Tyl Software Installation
Download and run Tyl Software Installer. This will install Tyl Launcher, Tyl Command Line Tool, and other related software.
By installing the software, you agree to the Licence Agreement.

Windows 10/11 users: if you encounter a Microsoft Defender SmartScreen alert window, or similar screen, click "Run anyway".
Tyl File Association
In order to run Tyl files by clicking on them, Tyl Launcher should be the program that is associated with .tyl file extension. Usually, this is done automatically during installation, and clicking on a Tyl file should run it with Tyl Launcher.
If clicking on Tyl file does not open it with Tyl Launcher, you should associate it by the following instructions.

First, create a Tyl file 'justtest.tyl', right click on the file and click 'Open with'.

If the installation went successfully, you'll see that Tyl Launcher is listed. Clicking it, will run the Tyl program.

But in order to associate the .tyl extension permanently, click 'Choose another app'.

Usually, Tyl Launcher will be shown and selected, so just check 'Always use this app to open .tyl files', click 'OK', and the association is done.

In cases where you don't see Tyl Launcher in the apps selection, click 'More apps', and then 'Look for another app on this PC'

Browse to Tyl Software installation folder, typically at 'C:\Program Files\Tyl Software Foundation\Tyl Software' (or 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Tyl Software Foundation\Tyl Software'), select 'TylLauncher.exe' and click 'Open', check 'Always use this... ', and then 'OK'.