Tyl System
IDE software for handling, debugging and running Tyl programs
GUI software for running Tyl executable programs, and viewing program running activity
the tool to work on Tyl programs from a terminal
programming without keywords
introduction to prebuilt variables in Tyl
introduction to prebuilt functions in Tyl
introduction to prebuilt modules in Tyl
Tyl framework modules that are used for specialized tasks
a quick starter guide to build a Tyl program
log debug data while running
advanced debugging technics
Programming Guide
statement composition in Tyl
introduction to variables in Tyl
introduction to functions in Tyl
assignment of multiple variables
variable assignment sources
functional assignment sources
scoping and masking principles in Tyl
creating and using lists in Tyl
declare and assign lists by other Tyl components
create and use key value pairs collections
accessing, adding, editting and removing keys of various types: scalar, list and record
declare and assign records by other Tyl components
checking whether Tyl component is NULL
statements that construct a one of two ways option code flow
using Tyl components and statements for the condition
condition that is constructed of mathematical or programmatic compare
repeating code block execution
loop for set number of times
loop over list of items
iterate over record properties
loop while condition is met or until break
stop looping execution
skip to next iteration in looping execution
stop function execution
stop function execution and return a result
interacting with the user
execute background tasks
using comments in Tyl programs
using parentheses to create contained statements
working with big integral numbers
working with the file system
create and work with executable programs
make lean programs by working with modules
plan and build modules trees
work with complex numbers
Code Repository
search patterns on geometric grid
analyse documents by pattern and extract data
implementation of linked list: insert, search and delete nodes
light alarm watch background service
All Tyl code examples are in this Tyl Code Examples Package