Tyl Programming Language
Fall Ball Game is a version of the famous Tic-Tac-Toe game, in which the board is standing.
Title:    Fall Ball Game
Version:  1.0
Date:     2019-11-10
Author:   Noam Y.

The board is standing and has 5 columns (slots), each slot can get up to 5 game chips. Each chip is released from the top of the slot, and falls downward until it reaches the bottom or a column of chips.
So each player is putting a chip in a slot, until one of the players succeeds in creating a straight line of 3 chips, in any direction: horizontal, vertical or diagonally.

We denote players by: A, B, slots are numbered: 1 - 5, board data is stored in cells list and accessed by: get, set functions that map grid rows and columns to cells data. All players moves contain slot numbers. The program executes the moves, identifies invalid moves and toggles players. Lines searcher is responsible to search lines in any direction. For each move, the program is showing the board, an error message or other informative messages.

There are two sets of moves: player A wins, player B wins. Each time a set is run, and the system shows the results. A set ends when a player wins, or when there are no more moves in the set.