Tyl Programming Language
Document Analyzer parses and prepares report of a templated document.
Title:    Document Analyzer
Version:  1.0
Date:     2019-11-10
Author:   Noam Y.

If a document has a known template, in the form of words and spacing that follow the same pattern, it can be analyzed and data can be extracted from it.

To analyze the document, a set of parsing functions was made, with the help of Tyl String Module, that has some functions for string manipulation. The analyzer can search for strings and get lines or data associated with them. It has string slicing mechanisms that help navigate and analyze the document.

The program loads the document, and starts getting the data on a one-at-a-time basis, truncating the text until it reaches a list of document contents. It gets the list and fetch each section data until a predefined stop section.
Lastly, it saves the data in a report file.