Background task is a computer process that runs without user interface.
Tyl supports executing background tasks in some ways. First, you can write a Tyl program 'task.tyl' and run it in the background, by using the Tyl Command Line Tool, which involves opening a console and writing 'tyl task', for running task program.

Tyl programs can be run from a batch file. Create a file with '.bat' or '.cmd' extension, and write:
start /b tyl task
Running the batch file will run task program.

If you like to do it the Tyl way:
task process 'tyl.exe' 'task'
Here we make use of Tyl Process Module to run task, from a Tyl Program.

All these methods will load the console window too, and are usually done only while debugging. If the task program is stable, you should create an executable program 'task.exe', and run it directly by clicking on it, run it by Tyl Process Module, replacing tyl task with task in the above mentioned batch command, and even run it from a Tyl Module while the module is loaded and run.