Tyl Launcher is Tyl IDE for editing, debugging, building & running Tyl applications, and creating global modules or executable versions of Tyl programs.
Tyl Launcher runs Tyl programs, and presents the result of program execution, as shown here:

Tyl Launcher contains two boxes: code box and run box. When running Tyl program, Tyl Launcher executes the program and shows the symbolized code in the code box. Then it starts the run box, and waits for user interaction. Usually, the code does not need much time to run, so the results are printed in the run box. But when there is an interactivity, for ex. when using input fields, the run box will wait for the user to enter text. Eventually if there is no endless loop in the code, the program will end and the results will be shown in the run box. In cases of error, Tyl Runtime error message will be shown in the run box.

If you want to move launcher window, hover on the top bar of launcher window and you'll see a four direction arrow, indicating that the window can be dragged. launcher remembers all application state, including window location, edit enabled, form/background app, etc.

All buttons and indicators in Tyl Launcher window are described in the following tables:
Code Box Buttons
  Edit Enabled
if turned on, build & run source code is the code in the code box, otherwise the source is the content of the program file
copies the code in the code box to the system clipboard
pastes the content of the system clipboard to the code box
saves the current code in the code box to the program file
builds the source code according to edit enabled button state
runs the source code according to edit enabled button state
Build & Run Indicators
indicates that a program was loaded successfully
indicates if program built successfully
indicates if program ran successfully
Application Management Buttons
Create Executable
create executable program from the built code
  Form/Background App
if turned on, application will run in Tyl Runner, otherwise in the background
  Fast App
if turned on, application will run in the background and be fast, otherwise it will run according to form/background button state
Global Module
program will be regarded as a global module that can be included from anywhere